Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tokyo Bound

I'm leaving tomorrow 22 Dec 06 for a trip to Tokyo with the family, my in-laws, my brother-in-law and his wife. Will be back in Singapore on New Years Eve.

We are really looking forward to the trip. The girls will enjoy themselves tremendously at Disneyland and DisneySea for the first 2 days. Thereafter, we will take a trip out to Naeba, a ski resort for 2 days, before returning to Tokyo again for shopping and sightseeing.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

EBay Acquisitions Part II

The EBay buying fever did not subside but grew worse...

Buy No. 5 ~ Fred Perry Leather Sneakers
This was an impulse buy and rather regreting it. Fits a bit too snug. Will probably try to sell it off. Looks cool though.

Buy No. 6 ~ Hugo Boss Navy Blue (Wool/Cashmere) Jacket
This Hugo Boss jacket fits great, but looked somewhat worn rather than "like new" as described by the less than honest seller. Cost me about S$100.

Buy No. 7 ~ Etro Striped Shirt
Now, this shirt was an absolute steal. I was worried about the low starting bid price, but I went it with the bid with the confidence that there are only a handful of Etro shirts on sale in EBay, a sign that the counterfeiters have not replicated Etro shirts. This shirt cost S$42 inclusive of shipping.

When the shirt arrived, the quality and feel of the fabric was unmistakeably Etro. The shirt was indeed in mint condition. I passed by the Etro boutique at Paragon a couple of days ago and saw that Etro shirts here are priced between S$350 to $400. That's almost 1/10th of retail price. A very nice shirt for Chinese New Year.

EBay Acquisitions Part 1

Have been busy cruising on EBay recently, which resulted in a number of clothing purchases and my wallet much lighter.

Buy No. 1 ~ G-Star Union Army Denim Jacket

I'm really pleased with this purchase. Won this bid at S$60 inclusive of shipping charges, this G-Star denim jacket fitted me perfectly and was in pristine condition. Not only was this in dark raw unwashed denim, the denim was selvage denim, as evidenced by the red thread endings at the edge. Selvage denim has yet to caught on in Singapore. Retail price of a G-Star jacket are probably in excess of S$300.

Buy No. 2 - Vintage Cufflinks

Swank Crown cufflinks

Swank Twisted Cufflinks

Buy No. 3 ~ Kenneth Cole Boots

Buy No. 4 ~ Cheap Monday Dry Jeans

Bought this from Tangs Vivocity using vouchers

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mini Review of Men's Clothing Shops

Vivocity is on everyone's lips, and from the retailer mix, it looks like they are targetting towards the younger crop with a high proportion of clothing outlets.

For men fashion, there has never been a better time (When you are near barrel bottom, there only way is up). Many overseas clothiers are coming in and men are not being ignored this time. I've had a look at several of the newer ones and here's what the future holds:

Pull & Bear
This label has been getting a lot of publicity in the media by reason of its location in Vivocity. The men's line is focussed on men's street wear for the younger set. Lots of denim, t-shirts, baggy street wear. The currently batch is inspired by Russian graphics/graffiti. Nothing interesting - rather middle of the street and quite a disappointment. Pull & Bear are part of the Zara group, and placed on the bottom of the pyramid, with premo menswear Massimo Duti at the apex, and Zara forming the bread and butter middle. Zara still rules.

Celio opened earlier this month at Paragon. A French equivalent of GAP, the store unfortunately is rather tiny. However these guys are all men. No ladies clothes here. Mostly basic wear and none too cheap. Will not be shopping often here.

On the same level as Celio, XSquare is a rebranding of local label Domanchi. Domanchi has grown in style from sellers of tacky ah-beng clothes to purveyors of nicely designed affordable menswear. Eschewing streetwear, XSquare focusses on officewear/partywear. Office shirts with exciting colours and premium fabric. Priced at the $90 & $100 range, these guys will give fellow local chain Raoul a run for the money.

This is not a shop that I used to frequent, due to my impression (rightly or wrongly) that its mainstay was supertight t-shirts and tanktops worn by muscle marys. Still, I did buy a nice messenger bag from them. What closed the deal was a bag strap made from non-stretch seatbelt fabric. PS has a nice range of creative clothing & accessories.

Wasn't opened when I went to Vivocity. Then again, why bother with the American equivalent of Giordano?

EBay buys
My G-Star raw denim jacket came in through the mail today. It took just 6 days to arrive from UK. Fits great and got it for a steal on ebay. A fitting big 4-0 birthday present for myself. Yaayy!! However, I'm still waiting for my APC New Standard jeans from the US seller - it has been a torturous wait even though I won the bid more than 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


The past week has been a terrible one for me. Nicole and Kelly caught the dreaded Hand Foot Mouth Disease, and I in turn got it from them. This is what happens when you have to coax them to sleep and both of them are exhaling virus infected breath in your face.

My hands and feet look ok, but there are about 20 tiny ulcers in my mouth. I'm no stranger to mouth ulcers but 20 at one go is a record for me. Nicole and me got it the worst and both of us have not been eating well. Mostly it's thin porridge and lots of fluids. It's towards the tailend of the 1 week viral infection now and I'm looking forward to full recovery.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Men's Day Out 2006

So October 7 is Women's Day Out. The 4th year in its running, the event which is sponsored by Singapore Sports Council, seeks to "celebrate feminism" and "female empowerment" in sports. Come Oct 7, Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza will see throngs of lycra-ed and thonged women sweating it out in aerobics, yoga and dance. Yummy.

But why should only women have all the fun? Men should have their own day out too on Oct 14.

I therefore present the inaugural unofficial Singapore Men's Day Out 2006, replete with sporting activities that truly matter to men.

Men's Day Out Sporting Activities:

Beer Chugging Competition
Proposed Sponsor ~ Asia Pacific Brewery

Car Modification
Proposed Sponsor - LTA

Bird Shooting (by this I'm referring to photography, and not pah jiao, OK?)
Proposed Sponsor ~

Proposed Sponsor ~, sorry, I mean SPH

Coming Out Dance Party (Being all inclusive, Men's Day Out also includes Coming Out of the Closet party)

Proposed Sponsor ~

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Retail Addiction

Unlike most guys who buy their clothing once a year just before Chinese New Year, I actually like shopping for clothes. I have been on a spree the last couple of months updating my wardrobe.

Here's some of them:

Piero Beach Sandals. Bought them from a shop in Queensway. Costs about $16. Comfy and grippy.

Converse Jack Purcells (I swapped the white laces with red coloured ones to give it some pizzaz). More solid than the common Chuck Taylors.

Doc Marten slip-ins.

Abercrombie & Fitch Tumak Camouflage shorts. Bought them from a local eBay seller. These shorts are made of super heavyweight materials. I especially like the belt.

True Religion denim jeans from US eBay. The darker one with paint splatter is Geno in Wild Bill wash, and the lighter one is Joey in Medium Vintage. I like them.

I have another G-Star denim jeans enroute to me, but what I'm really lusting for now is a pair of tightfittingdarkindigorawAPCjeans like these from Front Row at Ann Siang Hill. What a contrast with the more showy True Religion jeans. No labels, no elaborate back pocket stitchings, no destressings. Very smart and sharp.

Arrrgghhh.... this is my retail version of mid-life crisis.... I'm broke...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Top 10 Uniquely Singapore Things To Do for IMF Delegates

We've rolled out the red carpet, organised the Biennale, polished the 730L BMWs, closed off Suntec City roads, banned outdoor protests, kissed lots of foreign asses ..... so why the hell are the delegates still here??

Assuming that the delegates and World Bank board of governors are sick and tired of going through the same agenda year in year out without resolution at each IMF meeting, take a break, and here's a specially compiled list of Top 10 Uniquely Singapore Things To Do for IMF Delegates.

1. Visit the infamous Four Floors of Whores at Orchard Towers. Not your thing? OK, then take a drive along Changi Village and look for the "ladies".

2. Visit our world famous Lim Hong Park Speakers Corner, stand and speak on a soapbox and see if the police will arrest you for speaking without a permit.

3. Rub the railing at the big-assed Suntec Fountain of Wealth for good luck. You need lots of good luck to get that vote going for your World Bank bloc.

4. Tell your specially trained driver to speed from Changi Village to Tuas 2nd Link at double the speed limit. After all, you're not the one getting fined and demerit points.

5. Play "spot-the-indoor-protestors".

6. Be a celebrity judge on Singapore Idol.

7. Queue for that 7 for $1 Ham Chim Pang at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre.

8. Watch R(A)21 foreign language movies at Yangtze cinema (well, maybe not foreign language to you)

9. Visit our 2 opposition wards at Hougang and Potong Pasir.

10. Buy dirt cheap styrofoam packed durians outside NTUC supermarkets 5 minutes before closing time (Buy 1 get 3 free). Secretly place these chemical weapons of mass destruction under the chairs of the opposition delegates.